What happens when a Crypto Veteran, German Brewmaster and Game Artist walks into a bar?

Our own brewed craft beer bottles sold in the form of NFT token!

Bottup.io was established on 1st April 2021 to leverage on emerging technologies such as NFT and eCommerce to disrupt the low-tech alcohol beverage industry. 

It is our desire to produce unique craft beer brews and share it throughout the globe without the cumbersome, expensive supply chain and distribution networks that the hyper centralized large multinational alcohol companies have control over.

We are proud to present the 1st brew in our pipeline of 2 pairings, making it a total of 4 of our own craft beer recipes that we have R&D ourselves:

The Bottup Dunkel NFT

Bottup Dunkel (B.D), first to be released

Roasted caramelized, after-taste dark chocolate coffee taste, good micro-produced beer brew!

There will be 200 different ‘metaverse’ 2D characters tagged to each bottle in the series, the one with the highest bid price will be the ‘mascot’ of the beer, B.D (Bottup Dunkel) with profit sharing rights.

The Team

LL – Project Lead
LL is the team’s blockchain adoption and partnerships expert. He has been driving enterprise digital innovation and revenue growth for the past 15 years. Being in the blockchain industry full time since 2017, he was previously the global business operations lead at a Tier 1 exchange, co-founded an SEA licensed exchange, and is the CEO of a staking pool and wallet platform that has ATH  of over USD1.7B staked assets, with more than 35 key industry partnerships, and ranked in the top 5 global staking providers list by Staking Rewards that was acquired by a SG public listed company.

MN – Brew Master
MN is the team’s alcohol beverage supply chain and brewery expert. He is currently a critic and advisor for alcohol beverage productions and is working on our craft beer brew. He has over 7 years of hands-on experience in the development of alcohol brews, and has in depth access to the industry supply chain and beverage companies. German by blood, chemist by training, he is passionate about alcohol beverages and is very adept in craft beer brewing. 

AV – Creative Director
AV has more than 12 years of experience, design, illustrations, infographics, UI, game graphics, comics. Immerse understanding of video editing, animation and special effects and experienced as a Game Art Director. From day one that he started with illustrations, he believed that design should look outstanding and has since possessed a wide range of abilities that combine innovative art and design principles. 

Current Status

Stay tuned to this page and official communication channels for more details!

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